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 Lester Caine, retired as a highly decorated New York City Lieutenant Detective after twenty-five-years is now in the Private Eye cop business settling in West Palm Beach Florida. He thought it was the perfect place for him, his Cadillac convertible and the tanned socialites of Palm Beach. The PI business drew Lester into the shadowy side of murder.

With Gloria Saville, known as Scarecrow, they must help the Police solve the murder of Circuit Court Judge Desmond Vanderbilt, who  was one step away from being appointed to the Florida Supreme Court. Who killed the Honorable Judge Vanderbilt and why?


Set in the late 1940’s, homicide detective, Johnny Vero, hunts a serial killer who targets dance hall women that charge ten cents for a 3 minute dance at The Flamingo Room. They are murdered in the Budapest Hotel.  The killer chooses certain room numbers for mysterious reasons. Detective Vero tracks this serial killer to France where Interpol joins the hunt.


 Sabre Blue Society (SASBO) is a fictitious arm of the NYPD created by author, fred berri. He created this as a specialized elite unit that deals far beyond the depths of the department’s undercover and Internal Affairs brothers in blue. The mission of the Sabre Blue Society is to engage and address high-priority issues such as international organized crime, arms control, intelligence, and a broad range of criminal activities that affect the security of New York. Their jurisdiction reaches outside the boundaries of the five boroughs of the City and its far-reaching borders. Induction is open only to a select few most honored detectives in order to maintain and uphold its integrity.    


Michael Pellegrino came from humble beginnings from Italy to America-the son of immigrant parents leaving everything behind, including family, sought the American dream in the early 1900s. Michael far exceeded his parents’ expectations building for himself and his family a powerful and lucrative criminal empire becoming one of the most powerful men in America.  

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Lester Caine, a highly decorated New York City Detective Lieutenant, retired after twenty-five years now in the Private Eye cop business, I living in West Palm Beach Florida. He thought it was the perfect place for him, his Cadillac convertible and the tanned socialites of Palm Beach. The murder of Palm Beach Judge Desmond Vanderbilt (from book one, Lester Caine Private Eye-Murder on Palm Beach) drew Lester into the dark side of hunting a Nazi war criminal. With Gloria Saville, known as Scarecrow, they face the underbelly of a dragon they never thought they would have to slay.


It’s the year 1949. The war is over. NYC Detective Johnny Vero now promoted to Lieutenant for capturing serial killer, Jean-Paul Vincent, the previous year. (from “Ten Cents a Dance”). Griff, a one time freight ship container captain, had his Maritime license revoked due to inventory shortages, with no explanations of the whereabouts of precious missing cargo. He now smuggles opium and Chinese women into New York’s Chinatown. Murders are mounting as suspicions include Chinatown factions, undercover detectives, and the Medical Examiner’s office. In steps the FBI.


Immigrating from Europe, and many years of hardship, Betsy did not want the struggles her parents endured running a bakery in NYC. After their death, Betsy sold the bakery, eventually saving enough money to be trained in Paris before becoming an accomplished culinary and pastry chef. She soon discovered that life gets in the way when you're making plans.

Set in the 1940s, Betsy, tired of slinging Blue Plate specials at the Crosstown Diner, takes what she thinks is a vacation to paradise. Being a young widow, she thought she could never fall in love again, until she met him; a handsome Italian psychiatrist. What happens to the two of them on Contadora Island will change their lives forever.

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Michael Pellegrino changed his long established name to Pell years ago after arriving in New York from Italy. No one, not even his son, Charlie, born in the U.S., could put a finger on his reason, but there was that rumor…

Charlie fell in love with his childhood sweetheart, Elaine, and set out on a special mission in Italy to settle a long overdue score—revenge his parents death. The score settled, Charlie and Elaine return to take over the family empire built on crime, power, money, murder and deception.


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