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BBOW #1 Fred Berri Interview
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Quotes by fred berri...


 “The good memories always fade first. That’s why the world looks for a villain.”

 "Twist, turn and bend the truth. Now it’s fiction.” ™

 “No matter where you go, you’ll always be there in   body, soul and mind. You can run, but you can never hide”

 ”Humpty Dumpty was pushed. Do your homework. It doesn’t mean it’s true just because you read it or  someone said it!"

 “The things that come into your life that you don’t chose, makes you who you’ve become.” 

​"Being immersed in the past can be 

intoxicating to the soul." 






“We should offer reading as a special present to our children and never forced or presented as a chore they must do. We should offer reading as a special present to their little minds, so each time in their life they pick up a book to read, they feel they just opened a new gift.” 

“I believe something special happens when we open a book

and read. We are transformed into a different place and time.”




The moon reflects the love of your heart to poets–but hides the dark side few ever see.

During my very early high school years (going through a rough patch) I found refuge in my English Literature class with a great teacher, Mr. Peter Diaferria. He taught us to dig deep in writings of books. He made us break down each chapter and many times paragraphs to get the reasoning behind the author's view and meaning of who, what and where. One of my favorite books from this class was "The Merchant of Venice." The Merchant of Venice Summary

Antonio, an anti-Semitic merchant, takes a loan from the Jewish Shylock to help his friend to court Portia. Antonio can't repay the loan, and without mercy, Shylock demands a pound of his flesh. The heiress Portia, now the wife of Antonio's friend, dresses as a lawyer and saves Antonio. From this, I now write Fiction Crime/Detective Murder Mysteries. On the way other side of the writing spectrum, I also write a series of Children's learning stories. These stories (Adventures of Carmelo™ ) help children understand new adventures, teaching respect, listening, following instructions, to be brave, and that it’s okay to be scared when facing a new adventure. Thank you, Mr. Peter Diaferia.

1948-Lestere-Caine_s-Caddy JPEG.jpeg

Lester Caine's 1948 Series 62 Horizon Blue Cadillac 

fred, Louisa, Anne Lester Caine.jpeg

Lester Caine, Private Eye was named by fred’s wife, Louisa (left) and his physical therapist, Anne Jackson (right)

After his two knee replacements, his physical therapist, Anne Jackson had to see how he was walking. As he walked down the hallway, Anne would yell; “fred, heel to toe. Use less cane.” When he told his wife, Louisa, she said; “You have a new protagonist for your new private eye series…Lester Caine.”

The “Roaring Twenties” are upon us once more…Looking ahead in writing: One hundred years ago, in January, 1920, Woodrow Wilson was President. World War I was in the past. The 18th Amendment, prohibiting “intoxicating liquors,” was the law of the land. The 19th Amendment, guaranteeing women the right to vote, was soon to be, eighteen month in the future. It seems like ancient history, but there are people alive today who were alive then. The world was on the brink of change, a lot of change. The quill pen had given way to the typewriter, which would.hold sway untill 1980s when “word processing” appeared. Over the past decade, online publishing, self-publishing, print-on-demand, author websites, podcasts, videos, online channels, Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, and Pinterest, have created a vastly different landscape from what went before us. The world is a different universe for sure–from now, ’til then. Gazing into the decade(s) ahead, what do you think? What do you expect? We hear it all the time: “We’re only at the tip of the iceberg.”

In Bullets Before Dawn-Murder in Chinatown, Detective Johnny Vero has been promoted to Lieutenant–partially due to the capture of serial killer Jean-Paul Vincent the previous year. With the help of Interpol, captured in France, Jean-Paul Vincent is from Ten Cents a Dance

My My character, Johnny Vero pays homage to my life long friend. John was a Yonkers police officer and an Inspector (Detective) for the White Plains, N.Y. District Attorney’s office. After I moved to Yonkers from the Bronx, John and I were neighbors and went to school together. Maintaining a life long friendship, we both retired to Florida. John went to Vero Beach and I went to Jupiter. John’s email was Johnny Vero. After his passing, I created a character in his honor—Homicide Detective Johnny Vero.  =================================================
What matters most in life is often viewed as peripheral to the things that we focus on. Our one- time passions and dreams take a back seat to; “Life gets in the way when making plans.” Thus our- one- time aspirations are put “on hold.” If you meditate as to making your life work for you, making it better by –shuffling your priorities–taking care of yourself–discover what matters to you most, and taking action, will be for your benefit. If you don’t, who will? It’s a New Day, a New Year, and a New Beginning. How will yours start? How will it end? Make this year, your novel, and be sure it’s not fiction.

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