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Internationally Acclaimed Prestigious Firebird Book Awards  are conducted by Speak Up Talk Radio with Host, Patricia J. Rullo.  Patricia is a patient advocate sponsoring that  renovate and transform long term shelters for women and children.                               
                                                     Donate: Enchanted Makeovers 


Hard Boiled Fiction Crime Murder Mysteries for Novel & Audible

FIREBIRD AWARD Lester Caine Private Eye-Murder on Palm Beach.jpg
FIREBIRD AWARD AUDIBLE Bullets Before Dawn-Murder in Chinatown.jpg
Firebird Award Ten Cents-a-Dance.jpg
Cousins' Bad Blood (book 1) And Cousins'         Bad Blood The Take Over (book 2)
Firebird Award Cousins' Bad Blood the Take Over.jpg
Firebird Book Award-Murder on Contadora Island.jpg
Sabre Blue Society Firebird Book Award.jpg
cover Bulllets  Before Dawn - Front cover JPG.jpg
    Reader's Favorite provides professional reviews for authors and has earned the                respect of renowned publishers such as Random House, Simon & Schuster, and              Harper Collins. Reader's Favorite helps those in need by donating books and income       each year to
                                          Donate: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Children's for Books & Audible

Adventures of Carmelo Going to the Hospital Firebird Award Winning.jpg
Firebird Award Advenutres of Carmelo-Jiu Jitsu.jpg
Firebird Awad Adventures of Carmelo The Eye Doctor.jpg
Firebird Book Award Adventures of Carmelo-Swim Survival Lessions.jpg
1st Prize Award Coloring Book
Adventures of Carmelo Coloring Book Firebird Award.jpg
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