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"Twist, turn and bend the truth. Now it's fiction." ™

About The Author

fred berri was born in the Bronx (Arthur Avenue), New York. After many years, his family move to Yonkers where he finished High School. After graduating, he relocated back to the Bronx with his mother and brother to Arthur Avenue, an area called, Little Italy in the section know as Fordham.

berri married his high school sweetheart, Louisa and together raised their children.
During his career, he has held many jobs and owned many businesses, one of which employed over 100 individuals. berri graduated Columbia State University with an online business degree. berri, ended his long career as a Financial Specialist for one of the world's largest banking institutes. 

Mr. berri has also done public speaking and has appeared in TV commercials including voice overs. In his career, he volunteered teaching  Junior Achievement within the Florida public school district. In addition, he headed a volunteer group: Reading to Children, grades K to 3.

Founder: Dalcare Building Services

   Welcome to My World

fred berri has won multiple first prize  Five Star Prestigious Literary  Book Awards

Reader's Favorite provides professional reviews for author and has earned the respect of renowned publishers such as Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Harper Collins. Reader's Favorite helps those in need by donating books and income each year to

Internationally Acclaimed Prestigious Firebird Book Awards  are conducted by Speak Up Talk Radio with Host, Patricia J. Rullo.  Patricia is a patient advocate sponsoring that  renovate and transform long term shelters for women and children. 

                                                             Enchanted Makeovers 


Hard Boiled Fiction Crime Murder Mystery both in Novel & Audible

FIREBIRD AWARD Lester Caine Private Eye-Murder on Palm Beach.jpg
FIREBIRD AWARD AUDIBLE Bullets Before Dawn-Murder in Chinatown.jpg
Cousins' Bad Blood (book 1) And Cousins'         Bad Blood The Take Over (book 2)
Firebird Award Cousins' Bad Blood the Take Over.jpg
TEN CENTS A DANCE April-Cert-Fred-BErri-500x375.jpg
Firebird Book Award-Murder on Contadora Island.jpg

Children's Books Both Books & Audible

Firebird Award Advenutres of Carmelo-Jiu Jitsu.jpg
Firebird Book Award Adventures of Carmelo-Swim Survival Lessions.jpg
Adventures of Carmelo Going to the Hospital Firebird Award Winning.jpg
1st Prize Award Coloring Book
Adventures of Carmelo Coloring Book Firebird Award.jpg

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